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Magic Grammar Square

Recently I learned about the concept of the "Magic Square."

Here's one:

What's magic about it is that if you sum the numbers in any direction, you get 15.

I was thinking about how one might make a Magic Grammar Square, in which no matter which directly you read it, you get a grammatical English sentence.

This is one I came up with:

If you read it in the direction of the arrows, you get a grammatical sentence, though some of them are a little unusual.

"Deer chase now."
If the deer weren't chasing, you might say this to indicate that now, the deer are chasing.

"May arrived fast." 
Suggests that spring came up sooner than you expected.

"Sometimes back completely."
Suppose you're talking about backing a project or startup, and talking about whether or not you should ever back one completely.

"Deer may, sometimes."
Other times they may not.

"Chase arrived back."
Chase is your friend, he arrived and he was coming back w…

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